Scottish Greens

The Scottish Greens co-leaders, Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie, pledged their support on behalf of the party for the #VoteForSport campaign. This includes the 74 prospective parliamentary candidates of the Scottish Greens who will champion Scottish sport in Parliament and in their communities, celebrate the benefits of sport and physical activity and challenge barriers to participation. 

Alex Staniforth Elaine Gunn Luna Martin
Alison Johnstone Ellie Gomersall Maggie Chapman
Alys Mumford Elspeth MacLachlan Mags Hall
Amy Smith Emily Frood Marion Robertson
Anne Thomas Emma Cockburn Mark Ruskell
Anthony Carroll Emma Sheppard Nadia Kanyange
Ariane Burgess Erin Crawley Patrick McAleer
Barbra Harvie Evelyn Weston Paul Vallot
Ben Parker Fabio Villani Peter Barlow
Bill Wilson Fiona McOwan Peter Kennedy
Blair Anderson Gillian Mackay Phyl Meyer
Bradley Booth Guy Ingerson Rachel Shanks
Calum Mcintosh Holly Bruce Rosemary McGowan
Carolynn Scrimgeour Isabella Sumsion Ross Collins
Charles Strang James K Puchowski Ross Greer
Charley O'Hear James Stuart Duffin Sand Owsnett
Chas Booth Jeroen van Leeuwen Scott Bevan
Chris Ballance Jon Molyneux Scott Rutherford
Ciara Campbell Kate Nevens Steve Burgess
Claire Williams Kath Malone Steve Sankey
Craig McCutcheon Kim Long Sylvia Hardie
Dan Hutchison Kyle Davidson Tom McLaughlin
Debra Nicolson Laura Moodie Topher Dawson
Dominic Ashmole Leòdhas Iain Massie Tristan Gray
Elaine Gallagher Lisa Mead