PUBLISHED: Mar 24, 2021
CATEGORY: SSA Publications & Policies 

The SSA #whysportmatters campaign promotes wider messaging on the positive impact of sport across various areas, including health & mental health, education, employment, economy, older adults & social care, personal skills & society overall.  

We'd encourage members to adopt the #whysportmatters campaign on social media, using it to build awareness of sport's substantial positive impact on both individuals and Scotland's population as a whole.  If you have case studies or research demonstrating the impact of sport, we'd be really keen for you to share these with us to assist in building the case for sport.

#whysportmatters to health

#whysportmatters to mental health

#whysportmatters to older adults & social care

#whysportmatters to communities & social cohesion

#whysportmatters to education, workforce & economy