What We Do For Others

The Scottish Sports Association is proud to provide support to many sporting, Third Sector, Government and other organisations in Scotland.

Placed at the centre of Scottish sport, the SSA can provide up-to-date information on Governing Bodies and Governing Body related events, activities, interests and challenges.

We work to ensure that sports policy works in practice on behalf of our members; we aim to be the first independent point of call for consultation and/or representation for any actions which may influence, shape and recommend on issues, political or legal, which optimise the opportunities for the development of sports in Scotland.

One Voice

  • A platform as the single collective voice of Scotland’s Governing Bodies
  • An essential contact for Scotland's Governing Bodies
  • The consultative body of Scotland’s sports Governing Bodies.

Informed Voice

  • With a direct link to our members we can provide an informed voice
  • Working to further sport in Scotland we represent the interests of each and all of our members
  • Ensuring up-to-date information on Governing Bodies in Scotland
  • A knowledge base at the heart of Scotland’s Governing Bodies.

A Helping Hand

  • that is always eager to hear from organisations that wish to work with or to help our members
  • that is always willing to support organisations in common cause
  • that is always looking for new opportunities to work in partnership across all sectors in Scotland.