Awards Procedure

You can read the procedure in full below or download a PDF version using the link below: 

PDF - SSA UK Honours Awards Procedure



The Scottish Government asked the SSA to support Scottish sporting nominations to the UK Honours Awards process. This commenced in 2013 and has consistently identified an increased number, breadth and quality of nominations from grassroots sport in Scotland towards the Honours process.

Due to this success, in 2017, the Scottish Government asked the SSA to further support this process to build on the strong work and progress to date and the first standing SSA Honours Panel was formed. Due to the end of terms for membership of the Panel, new members are being sought to support the work of the Panel.

The aims of this partnership between the SSA and the Scottish Government are:

  1. To make it easier and more accessible to submit nominations for UK Honours Awards in Scottish sport;

  2. To raise awareness of the Awards throughout the sporting world to increase the number of quality submissions and ultimately those receiving Honours Awards for sport in Scotland;

  3. To add value and insight to the Scottish Government’s guidelines for Honours Awards;

  4. To inform submissions and provide recommendations to the Scottish Government Honours team regarding UK Honours and wider recognition.

The SSA will support these aims for annual New Year Honours and Birthday Honours through:

  • Promoting this Honours Awards process through member Scottish Governing Bodies of sport and partners across the Scottish sporting spectrum;

  • Identifying, co-ordinating and supporting a SSA Honours Panel to review submissions and provide guidance and recommendations to the Honours team at the Scottish Government.

The SSA will also work to try to enhance the connection between the Honours process and other relevant and existing Scottish sporting awards structures.

Promoting Honours Awards

On a bi-annual basis, within the timeline agreed with the Scottish Government’s Honours team, the SSA will promote this Honours process (including via our members, networks and wider partners) to help to raise awareness of how individuals can be nominated for a UK Honours Award for Scottish sport.

Our website contains helpful information and resources in relation to the Awards which can be downloaded by SGBs, clubs etc to encourage individuals involved in all aspects of sport, including both volunteers and staff, to nominate worthy individuals for the Awards.

SSA Honours Panel

The insight and guidance requested by the Scottish Government will be provided by the SSA’s Honours Panel. The Panel will meet to support the bi-annual Honours rounds and will consider both the nominations received via the above process and also those received directly to the Scottish Government in relation to sport.

The SSA Honours Panel will attend one (or more if required) meeting each session (2 sessions per year) to review all nominations. The SSA Honours Panel will review all nominations and collectively agree recommendations to support the Scottish Government’s Honours team.

Please note that all nominations received by the SSA will be submitted to the Scottish Government; the Panel exists to provide recommendations to the Scottish Government regarding Honours and wider recognition as required.

Following the SSA Honours Panel meeting, the SSA will provide the Panel’s recommendations to the Scottish Government’s Honours team.