On behalf of the whole team at the SSA, we are delighted to present our Annual Review for 2017-18.

You can use the pages on the left to read the report in full, or click the link below to open up a two page summary.

Annual Review Summary PDF

We continued to provide new support and opportunities for our members, while focusing on those aspects of our work which offer greatest support to our members. While investigating new funding opportunities for the SSA, we continually sought to understand how such opportunities could benefit our members and will continue to do so along this journey.

We are proud to support our members and that you continue to value our work, our sincere thanks go to our members, partners, Board and staff who continue to support and contribute to the unique work of the SSA. It is an honour for us to represent you, our members, and we look forward to continuing to do so. We hope you enjoy our Annual Review.