PUBLISHED: Apr 8, 2015
CATEGORY: SSA Publications & Policies 

The SSA #whysportmatters campaign promotes wider messaging on the positive impact of sport across various areas, including health & mental health, education, employment, economy, older adults & social care, personal skills & society overall.  

We'd encourage members to adopt the #whysportmatters campaign on social media, using it to build awareness of sport's substantial positive impact on both individuals and Scotland's population as a whole.  If you have case studies or research demonstrating the impact of sport, we'd be really keen for you to share these with us to assist in building the case for sport.

#whysportmatters to health

#whysportmatters to mental health

#whysportmatters to older adults & social care

#whysportmatters to communities & social cohesion

#whysportmatters to education, workforce & economy 

#whysportmatters at the Scottish Parliament

In early 2016 The Scottish Sports Alliance visted the Scottish Parliament, taking the opportunity to speak with MSPs directly about Why Sport Matters. The level of engagement from all five parties was exceptionally high, with 91% of MSPs showing their support for the campaign (the remaining MSPs were unavailable at the time, otherwise support would have been expected from the across the entire Parliament).

There were many interesting and informative diusccusions about sport and physical activity, not only about their benefits, but there was also the chance to hear stories of MSPs own sporting endeavours and what sport has done for them, their families and those they represent.

Having such a high level of engagement was a fantastic outcome, and from all accounts the most popular campaign to have ever exhibited at the Parliament. This is testiment to the power of sport and how much it matters, not only to the Alliance's members, but to the MSPs who run our country.